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January 17, 2008 Lund, Sweden


It’s Martin Luther King Day on Monday the 21st. On January 15, it was 79 years since he was born.

TFF works in its 22nd year for the United Nations norm of „peace by peaceful means.“
We’d like to direct your attention to the rich reservoir of knowledge and debate available on our homepages.

And what value, what policy, could be more important than nonviolence when we keep on witnessing so much unnecessary violence creating so much unnecessary suffering around the world?

We’re proud of the resources we have created over the years around this fundamentally important idea.

Nonviolence – numerous articles, debates and analyses by TFF Associates

Nonviolence Features – by non-TFF Associates

Reconciliation – by TFF Associates

Link library on nonviolence

Link library on reconciliation

On TFF’s front homepage, you’ll find video with deeply moving clips from Dr. King’s speeches
(oh, how we miss speakers of his calibre today…)

Move on to TFF Video Channel

– scroll to „Favorites“ where you can see e.g. Luther King’s highly relevant „Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam“…Iraq?

– as well as the only US Presidential candidate who is truly for peace, Dennis Kucinich.

Then move on to the

Nonviolence playlist

Reconciliation playlist

In contrast to ever more on-line publications, everything is freely available at TFF.
We are a public service for a better world. If you understand what that means you click on this link

With kind regards

Jan Oberg

– for peace with passion

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