Stellt die Friedensfragen!

Friedensvigil in Wien

Erstellt am 13.03.2003 von Andreas Hermann Landl
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Bitte rufen Sie an, wenn sie mitorganizieren wollen.
Fur die Finanzierung ( Kerzen etc.) sorge ich.

Marines Bruckner;
Maxing str. 38;
A- 1130 Vienna; Austria;
Tel + 43.1. 877 5265;
Mob +43.664.161 4828;

Please visit and plan a candlelight vigil
for peace in your area on Sunday, March 16 at 7 pm. and the Win Without War coalition, together with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many faith-based organizations, are calling this vigil, and we need your help.

Beginning in New Zealand, this will be a rolling wave of candlelight
gatherings that will quickly cross the globe. It’s up to you to make this happen. Today we are asking individuals, like you, to organize a vigil in each community. We’re hoping that thousands of small groups around the world will be inspired to come together and
stand for peace.

For more information about how to make this happen in your community
and to join with millions of others around the globe, go to


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