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Der 2. Friedenssalon und internationale Friedenskonferenz in Paris fand Anfang Juni statt

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Salon des Initiatives de la Paix 2006

Fri, May 26, 2006; by Andreas Landl. June 2-4 at the Salon des Initiatives de la Paix June 2-4 in Paris I will
be working with other members of the „Youth Advocacy Teams“ to make known
the „World Report on the Culture of Peace“ and to distribute a flyer about
it. The flyer will also be distributed to participants at the upcoming
„World Peace Forum“ in Vancouver, Canada, in June.

No doubt you have noticed that the website for the World Report on the
Culture of Peace ( is now complete in
French and Spanish as well as English.

The World Report on the Culture of Peace has been published in book form
thanks to a grant from the government of Catalonia to the Fundación
Cultura de Paz. I have mailed out the Spanish version to all who
contributed to the Report (please inform me if you are hispanophone and
have not received it). The French and Portuguese versions are still being
printed. The English version has been mailed to English-speaking
participants in most of the world, but a second printing is awaited before
copies are mailed to participants in Europe and North America.

As you can see from the part of our website for published news articles,
there is still very little attention by the mass media to the culture of
peace, especially from newspapers and television. Most of the stories
listed are only from internet news services. Below is a list of the media
coverage listed so far. If you know of others, please inform us.


David Adams


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