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Big Brother Protest Rallies – Globally, July 4th

Erstellt am 28.06.2008 von Andreas Hermann Landl
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Die Grafik ‚A historic event will take place across the globe this 4th of July, called “Independence Day” in America. It will happen in London at the House of Parliament; in the U.S. outside the White House; on both sides of the Canadian-American border near Champaign, New York; in Berlin, Germany; and in a growing number of other cities and locations across the world.

It is a global gathering for freedom, a New World Order Protest Rally, the first time Truthers of all persuasions are joining together to tell the global elite that their infractions against humanity will no longer be tolerated.‘

für alle, die sich aufgerufen fühlen, etwas in österreich möglicherweise zu organisieren…

liebe grüße

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Sabine hat Flyer vorbereitet, die sei am Montag verteilen wird.


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