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TRANSCEND Peace University

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CALL FOR REGISTRATIONS open until September 12th, 2008

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TRANSCEND Peace University (TPU), is the first and one of the most comprehensive centers for online studies on Peace and Development. It offers a large variety of certificate-level courses, combining a classic academic approach and innovative, daring, creative and transcending thinking.
Johan GALTUNG, one the founders of peace studies and of the TRANSCEND method for peaceful conflict transformation, the Founding Rector of TPU, and Sara Horowitz, the Rector of TPU, invite you to join students from all over the online world.
If you want to develop your skills in order to contribute to peace, TPU is the right place for you. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned government or NGO practitioner, we offer a range of skills and knowledge intensive courses, mostly online but with some onsite classes around the world. TPU offers a valuable collection of courses having internationally renowned professionals as resource persons. Please see the table for the offer of the next semester:

TRANSCEND Peace University
List of courses offered in the 2nd Semester of 2008
15 September – 8 December, 2008


  Peaceful Conflict Transformation – the TRANSCEND Method
– by Johan Galtung and Sara Horowitz
 ·  Advanced Course on Peaceful Conflict Transformation – by Johan Galtung
 ·  The Human Right to Adequate Food – by George Kent
 ·  Peace Journalism – by Jake Lynch
 ·  Strategies for Nonviolent Actions – by Jorgen Johansen
 ·  Nonviolent Political Institutions – by Christophe Barbey
 ·  Missed Opportunities: Iraq and the Balkans – by Jan Oberg
 ·  Nonviolence: History and Future – by Michael Nagler
 ·  Ethics for a Sustainable Peace – by Anita L. Wenden
 ·  Conflict Care and Reconciliation – by S.P. Udayakumar
 ·  Gender, Peace Building and De-militarization – by Gal Harmat & Yotam ben Meir
 ·  Peace and the Global Compact – by Fred Dubee
 ·  Peace Zones – by Christophe Barbey
 ·  Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation – by S.P. Udayakumar
 ·  Peace Business – by Howard Richards
 ·  Peace, Gender and Violence – by Celia Cook-Huffman
 ·  African Resources and Obstacles for Peace – by Farai Maguwu & Rais Neza Boneza
 · Spanish: Transformacion Pacifica de Conflictos – by Gustavo de la Pena & Diana de la Rua
 · Romanian: Transformarea pasnica a conflictelor – by Ina Curic & Sabin Muresan
 · Italian: Difesa Popolare Nonviolenta – by Antonino Drago

TRANSCEND is a global PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT network of cooperating individuals and institutions concerned with conflict transformation by peaceful means and reducing  structural violence. It works through action, education, dissemination, and research. The purpose of TPU, the educational arm of TRANSCEND, is to prepare participants with the knowledge and skills required for undertaking professional PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT work, emphasizing the creative transformation of conflicts through transcendence of the contradictions underlying conflicts. Quotation from Johan GALTUNG:
TRANSCEND is engaged in conflict transformation by peaceful means „To bring about a more peaceful world by using action, education, networking and research to handle conflicts with creativity, nonviolence and empathy“. Mission statement for TRANSCEND is “Go Beyond”.
For more information, please visit our website

Our contact details are: 
      Address: Lange Gasse 4-6, A-7461, Stadtschlaining, Austria 
      Phone numbers: +43 3355 20568 (office); +43 664 875 2693 (mobile) 
Contact person: Natalia Shelaru, Executive Secretary, mailto:
To unsubscribe please send us an email with the subject: „Unsubscribe“.
We will greatly appreciate if you could forward this announcement to people who are interested in Peace and Development Studies.


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