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Friedensmuseen der Welt – Peace Museums

Erstellt am 15.07.2009 von Andreas Hermann Landl
Dieser Artikel wurde mal gelesen und am 15.07.2009 zuletzt geändert. is not a full listing. Selected museum directors were invited to introduce their museum. Moreover, not everybody has responded. There are fuller lists on the own website and on  by Ted Lollis.

We thank Peter Van Den Dungen for this information. He just returned from a holiday in Luzern, and visited the special exhibition devoted to Hans Erni in the Art Museum in Luzern.. He is suspected to bei the greatest living Swiss artist (painter and graphic artist) who earlier this year celebrated his
100th anniversary. He is still hard at work, and has been asked by the UN in
Geneva to design an enormous work of art to decorate an
outside wall. It ist 60 meters long. him  Among other works on
display are his sketches for the UN. (We did not manage to see his own
museum, near the Verkehrshaus). Several of his peace and anti-atomic bomb
posters are also on display. He has always been a committed artist (who was
boycotted at one time because of his socialist/communist sympathies).
Peace Museum of the World


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