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EU-Competence Network

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Susanne Jalka –  Konfliktkultur organises a Workshop in
Vienna, Austria – November 06 – November 12, 2009

The target group of this workshop come from NGOs and informal educational organisations in Europe. They should be engaged in

  1. human rights and democracy learning,
  2. development of the civil society,
  3. sustainable ecology,
  4. all in all in the broad field of the culture of peace.

English is the working language. The workshop is first of all about

  1. coming to know each other,
  2. exchange of experiences and
  3. of cultural specific working conditions.

This groop should develop

  1. realistic steps for further networking and
  2. work on empowerment for possible activities in selforganized learning processes.

The emphasis of this workshop lies on building contacts between Austrian NGOs and representatives of NGOs from other European countries in the above mentioned fields of human rights and democracy learning, development of the civil society, sustainable ecology and the culture of peace. The special accentuation lies on the aim to build a solid network of NGOs in Western, Central and Eastern European countries, hoping that further joint actions might follow.
The workshop aims to foster international communication and to develop ideas for mutual support among participants, especially connecting people from Eastern, Central and Western parts of Europe, since the relations between these historically fragmented regions are not yet remedied.

Positive peace builds on establishing relations between estranged individuals and peoples.
All activities will be designed in structures of a learning process which acknowledges that all participants are equally learners, hence the workshop serves as laboratory for future cooperative networking. The participants should be

  1. encouraged to transfer their experiences and
  2. to apply the results of the workshop to institutions and networks in their home countries.

The workshop will take place in the format of ‘creative dialogue’ as a special form of communication, connecting to what emerges from the inner primary knowledge. This communication method aims to promote conscious recognition of rational and irrational mind- and behavior processes. Our workshop will investigate reality dependent on direct experiences of the participants’ engagements. The workshop should deepen understanding of this reality by asking

  1. “Where do we come from?
  2. What are we engaged in?
  3. Where are we going?”

This workshop receives financial support from the Austrian national agency of the European Union. This financial support guarantees that

  1. all travel expenses for participants who not based in Austria and
  2. all expenses for the stay in the Don Bosco House for the time of the duration of the “Competence network” workshop will be paid.

The financing source for this event is the Grundtvig – Workshop – Action. In return for the financial support

  1. all participants will be asked to bring material about their projects, activities and engagements at home, hence introducing themselves in a kind of exhibition at the beginning of the workshop, (further information will follow).
  2. Besides you will be asked kindly to complete a questionnaire at the beginning of the workshop and a final report form as well as an evaluation form and a short statement at the end of the week. Your attendance will get certified.

The workshop will take place in the Don Bosco House in Vienna. All particpants stay in simple and comfortable single rooms and eat in the general dining hall. The seminar rooms are supplied with all necessary equipment. The Don Bosco House is easily accessible with public transport. Further information at: , you will receive all necessary information about how to reach the Don Bosco House in good time.

Contradictions and differences are the source of new understandings and basic experiences for mutual respect. As a practical exercise we will strengthen our competence for constructive conflict handling in a conflict-simulation, which implies that we will be introduced to an actual conflict, which will happen in Vienna at the time of our workshop. The workshop participants will be invited to develop plans how to deal with this conflict situation. We will use joint creative and constructive energy, empathy, reflection and ideas for a concept, to present as a recommendation how to deal with this conflict. It is aimed

  1. to give a proof of the ability to negotiate
  2. by working on a common decision making process.

This conflict-simulation should be a chance for going through an intense learning process. But of course it is not planned going to work each day from morning till evening. There will also be some time off for sightseeing in Vienna.

Please complete this form and return it to Konfliktkultur as soon as possible.


First name:
Last name:
Gender: Date of Birth:

Please provide your postal and email mailing address

Street Address:
Postal Zip Code:
Phone (home):

Please provide postal and email mailing address of your NGO or Organization

Name of your NGO or Organization:
Title or Position Held:
Street Address:
Postal Zip Code:

Please inform the organizers if you have any special needs or disabilities or diet recommendations (this information will aid us in meeting your needs):

How did you learn about the competence network workshop?

What experiences have you had in peace- and/or human-rights –project activities?

Briefly describe your experience or interest in human rights learning and educating for peace in local, regional and/or transnational settings.

How might you offer relevant knowledge and/or experience within the workshop program?

In what ways do you plan to apply or use what you learn and experience at the workshop in your institution, organization and/or the national connections in your country?


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