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No to War – No to NATO

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International working conference “No to War – No to NATO”

16th to 18th of October 2009 in Berlin

Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin, Niederkirchnerstr. 3-5, 10117 Berlin NABU, Charitestrasse 3, 10117 Berlin
The Afghanistan Meeting on Friday will take place in Abgeordnetenhaus.
The Conference will take place at NABU (Naturschutzbund). The time does
not change!


Friday, October 16th 2009
3 – 6 pm Meeting of the International Afghanistan Network
Discussion about the political situation in the region and possible
common activities against the war
Opening: Reiner Braun
Introduction: Joseph Gerson, USA
7 – 9 pm International public meeting to Afghanistan (needs to be discussed and
decided in the German peace movement)
Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th 2009
International working conference “No to war – No to NATO”
Saturday, October 17th 2009
10.30 am Meeting of the ICC
12.30 – 2 pm Start of the Conference
Welcome by Arielle Denis, Reiner Braun
· Plenary:
Lecture: NATO, Obama and the Crisis
Speaker: Elmar Altvater, Germany
Commentary: Joseph Gerson, USA
Moderation: Arielle Denis
2 – 2.15 pm Short Break
2.15 – 3 pm Plenary:
· Evaluation of the peace politics and actions from the Strasbourg Anti NATO
protest up to now (including NATO/EU relations, Nato enlargement to the East including missile shields, NATO/UN agreement, EU elections, Pakistan,
NATO strategy debate, eg.)
5-minute-introductions: Monty Schädel (Germany), Arielle Denis (France),
Andreas Speck (WRI), Kate Hudson (GB), Petros Constantinou (Greece),
Cynthia Cockburn (GB), Temur Pipia (Georgia), Jordy Calvo (Spain)
3 – 5 pm Plenary:
· Open Discussion
Moderation: Hannelore Tölke
5 – 5.30 pm Break
5.30– 8 pm Plenary:
· Discussion of the political basis of our anti NATO network and the anti NATO
campaign of 2010-2012
· Discussion about our NATO campaign: thoughts for future common goals and
· Discussion of our position on violence at future actions
Introduction speech: First ideas for political basis and the campaign
Speaker: Reiner Braun
· First discussion
Moderation: Kate Hudson
8 – 8.30 pm Establishment of the working groups for the next day (list of working
groups: see Sunday)
Procedure to establish the working groups:
The final decisions on the working groups will be made on Saturday at 8pm. All working
groups with more than three interested people will take place. We ask all of you to help – if
you are interested – in preparing and sharing one of these working groups. The preparation
of the working groups should be an ongoing process.
8.30 pm Party
Sunday, October 18th 2009
8.30 – 11.00 am Working groups:
Possible workings groups could be (final decision on Saturday evening)
1. From now to the NATO summit 2010
2. The “future NATO” (global NATO, NATO relations to Russia, etc)
3. NATO/EU, NATO/UN relations
4. Afghanistan/Pakistan and a possible campaign
5. Israel-Palestine
6. Nuclear weapons and NPT
7. Feminist militaristic critics
8. Structure of the network: political basis, coalition building,
(other and further working groups are possible)
11.3 – 1.30 pm Plenary (will be prepared by: Reiner Braun, Arielle Denis, Joseph
Gerson, Kate Hudson, Annie McStravick, Andreas Speck,
Hannelore Tölke): i.e.
· Summary of conclusions and decisions
· Short report of Lisbon Treaty Referendum Campaign Ireland
· Decisions about organisational structures
· Decision about time and location of the next meeting

2 – 4 pm Meeting of the new “Committee”

4 – 7 pm NPT 2010 Preparatory Meeting

Aim of the meeting is to exchange information of the international and
national preparations for the NPT Conference in May 2010.
Furthermore the meeting aims at preparing in structure and content the
international preparatory meeting in Washington, November 2009.
Organisational Notes:
1. Registration: please send an email to:
2. Contribution: 25 Euro, 5 Euro (reduced)
3. We will organize English – French and German simultaneous translation on Saturday
and Sunday in the Plenaries.
4. The Afghanistan working meeting on Friday afternoon will be in English, the evening
meeting in German and English depending on the speakers.
5. Accommodation: some private accommodation is available. Please send your requests
for private accommodation to Otherwise please book your own
accommodation. The following (cheap) hotels/ hostels are close to the location of the
6. Changes in the program are possible.
7. We will send a second, detailed program in mid September.
Please feel free to send this invitation to colleagues, friends, and interested
Invitation to the Conference “No to War – No to NATO” developed by: Reiner Braun, Arielle
Denis, Kate Hudson, Annie McStravick, Andreas Speck, Hannelore Tölke


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