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Sasakawa Peace Foundation

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Wikipedia tells: Ryoichi Sasakawa (笹川良一 Sasakawa Ryō̄ichi) (May 4, 1899 – July 18, 1995) was a Japanese businessman, politician and philanthropist born in MinohOsaka. He was accused but acquitted of being a Class A war criminal after World War II,[1][2] was a self-proclaimed fascist,[3] kuromaku (political power-broker), and the founder of The Nippon Foundation. While he is widely known throughout Africa and much of the developing world for the wide-ranging philanthropic programs that he established, he is at the same time viewed with hostility by many intellectuals[4][5] for his right wing ideals and ties to Japan’s motorboat racing industry and support for the Unification Movement.[6][7][8][9][10][11]

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Japan) promotes international understanding, exchange, and cooperation. Grants include support for policy oriented projects and research.176 The foundation has different regional programs such as

  • The Japan-China Friendship Fund, which seeks to deepen ties between Japan and China.
  • The Central Europe Fund is designed to encourage democratization and support smooth market transitions in Central European countries.
  • The Pan Asia Fund supports training for journalists and research on international economic systems to prevent a recurrence of the recent Asian economic crisis.

177 Sample grants include:

1) capacity building for development in Central Asia and Caucasus, Center for Effective Economic Policy in Uzbekistan ($330 000);

2) a study of normative theory of accountability for civil society organisations at The Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations in the US ($273 000); and

3) the Committee on Intellectual Correspondence of the Council on Foreign Relations in the US ($96 000).

source: OECD Report on Philantropic Foundations


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