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Citizens of the State of Sabotage

Jelinek, Robert (Ed.)

Springer Verlag

1st Edition., 2011, 400 p. 11800 illus. With gold embossing., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-7091-0533-7


State of Sabotage was founded as a sovereign state on the uninhabited Finnish island Harakka by the Austrian artist Robert Jelinek in August 2003. They have a flag, stamps, coins, and an anthem. But particularly the passport (designed by Austrian artist Heimo Zobernig) triggered a dynamism which catapulted the artists’ state all of a sudden into the field of political reality. State of Sabotage was de facto recognized by Slovenia, Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, and Italy. „Offshore“ is a tribute to the some 14,000 citizens. The book contains a cultural topography by Irina Ulrike Anderl as well as texts regarding the phenomenon state and art, and the art of state. The main part of the book shows the portraits of the citizens of SoS.

Über den Autor

Robert Jelinek Born in Pilsen (CSSR) in 1970, lives in Baldrockistan (SoS). He has been working on an international scale as a truly independent artist independent in the fields of visual arts, performance, olfactics, and politics since 1990. Under the name “Sabotage” he has collected his own label, a music publishing house, and the “State of Sabotage” (SoS) since 1992.

Selected publications: “Sabotage 1992-93 (published by himself, 1993), „Sabotage 1992-95“ (Brandstätter Verlag, Vienna 1993), „Sabotage: Torments & Vices“ (Gestalten Verlag, 2002), “Das Medien Mysterien Theater” (Selene, 2002), “Ruptur der Aorta“ (Bibliothek der Provinz, 2006). Irina Ulrike Andel Born in Judenburg (Austria) in 1981. Within the scope of her studies of cultural and social anthropology at Vienna University, she focused on current topics such as migration, multiculturalism, and globalization. Her dealing with issues and challenges of ethical human behavior continues in a deeper way within the scope of the cross-faculty university course in ethics at the Institute of philosophy at Vienna University. Value constructions of different societies and the variety of human organization forms are currently the core of her research interest. Her text “ …“ is an extract from her diploma thesis on the topic micro-nations.

Alfred Goubran Born in Graz in 1964, he grew up in Carinthia and lives now in Vienna. Vast literary activities as a writer, reviewer, translator (Der parfümierte Garten, Die gelbe Tapete), editor (Austrian State Prize, Der Fall Bernhard), and publisher (edition selene). Member of the Moscow Poetry Club. Numerous publications: Der Pöbelkaiser, Ein Brief, 2002; Tor, Erzählung, 2008; Ort, Erzählung, 2010; Aus., Roman, 2010. Didi Neidhart Editor-in-chief of „skug -Journal für Musik“, writes among others for versorgerin, Pride, ray, testcard, CEO of „Institut für Kunst & Technologie“, conferences on pop theory topics in galleries, clubs, bars, museums, academies, and colleges at home and abroad, he is active now and again as a DJ & electronic musician. Lives in Salzburg. PAUL POET, born in Abquaiq, Saudi-Arabia, in 1971 is an Austrian art-director and author in the realm of cinema, TV, and theater, culture journalist and media scientist focusing on sub- and outsider cultures. After the repeatedly rewarded film AUSLÄNDER RAUS! SCHLINGENSIEFS CONTAINER, his second large documentary film EMPIRE ME – DER STAAT BIN ICH, a portrait of the phenomenon counter-worlds and micro-nations will be released in 2011, after seven years of research and shooting. He has accompanied the STATE OF SABOTAGE since its date of foundation.


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