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Sustainable and Inclusive Development in Europe and Central Asia

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“ From Transition to Transformation:
Sustainable and Inclusive Development in Europe and Central Asia“

The region

  • has the highest carbon emissions per capita in the world — over five times the limit which would stabilize global warming by 2050.
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia need to remove fossil fuel subsidies, invest in ‘green’ jobs, and establish social protection floors to ensure a sustainable future.

The report, supported by 13 U.N. agencies, calls for

  • a transformation to integrated policy making,
  • where social equity, economic growth and environmental protection are approached together.

Full text (163 pages): hier

Read more:

Press Release:

First Global Human Development Forum – Istanbul, March 22-23 


Eastern Europe and Central Asia should transition toward sustainable development now or pay more in the future, says UN report–en/index.htm


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