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100000 Beating the Bomb

Erstellt am 23.11.2012 von Andreas Hermann Landl
Dieser Artikel wurde 3495 mal gelesen und am 23.11.2012 zuletzt geändert.
Not only did the Film have some public television outings in the US since our last update. It has also been online now less than 10 months and have received over 100 000 youtube hits. On this occasion we would like to again send a big thank you to everyone who made this film possible. Still no blockbuster, but someone is receiving our electronic peace message in a bottle every day, every hour, in every country in the world.For stats buffs, here are the top 25 countries and the respective hits:

1. United States 23,871
2. United Kingdom 9,876
3. Canada 7,646
4. Germany 5,379
5. India 5,052
6. Australia 3,453
7. Philippines 2,596
8. Saudi Arabia 2,320
9. Pakistan 2,038
10. Malaysia 2,009
11. Netherlands 1,649
12. France 1,602
13. United Arab Emirates 1,589
14. Japan 1,393
15. Sweden 1,307
16. Singapore 986
17. Israel 983
18. Thailand 926
19. Indonesia 836
20. Ireland 830
21. Austria 800
22. Finland 786
23. Spain 761
24. Turkey 760
25. Denmark 757

Germany used to be in the somewhere between 15 and 20 till we put German subtitles on. Last month Germany was number two behind the US.

Soooo: More subtitles would be great. Technically it is quite simple. We can send out the English script with the timecodes. All a translator would have to do is write over the text below the timecodes in their language. It’s about two days work for one translation. Anyone up for it, or anyone know someone who might be interested?

We’re particularly keen on Arabic, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.


Peace, love and happiness!


Wolfgang and Meera



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