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What are Human Rights?

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human_rightsFilm screening:“What are Human Rights?“

On Thursday 14.4 2016. – 18:30 the Peace Museum Vienna – Blutgasse 3/1, 1010 Vienna – will host Dr. Mary Shuttleworth the founder and president of the Youth for Human Rights International organization. The Museum is going to screen the documentary „The story of Human Rights“. It answers the timely irrelevant question of who will make sure that Human Rights are being respected in the most compelling and inspiring way. The stories explaining the Human Rights are envisioned in a child´s perspective. The Documentary lasts about 45 minutes, and it is going to be followed by a discussion in a participation with Dr. Shuttleworth. Peace Museum Vienna encourages participants to donate of 5 euros, and for students is a 3 euro donation. Your donation will help us carry out more activities held by the Peace Museum Vienna.

Date: 14.4 2016. -Thursday
Time: 18:30
Location: Peace Museum Vienna – Blutgasse 3/1, 1010 Vienna


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