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From: BSV MitarbeiterInnen
Sent: Friday, February 07, 2003 10:15 AM
Subject: WG: [MO-NP] General Job Announcement — Immediate distribution, please!

5 February 2003
For immediate and general release for Pilot Project to Sri Lanka:

Advance Team (3 positions)
Asian Projects Coordinator (1)

Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP), a new international
non-governmental organization, is looking for three persons
for its Advance Team to Sri Lanka. NP is also seeking an
Asian Projects Coordinator who will be based at the
international headquarters, currently in St. Paul,
Minnesota, USA. The Advance Team will prepare for
implementation of the Nonviolent Peaceforce’s pilot project
in Sri Lanka — civilian peacekeeping to provide space for
local NGOs to do their work for peace and human rights.
Applicants can expect to begin work in late March or April

Team duties will include: meeting with all local partners
to further develop and refine the proposal; visiting and
evaluating potential placement sites for NP field workers;
arranging logistics for the arrival and deployment of the
NP field workers.

Detailed descriptions of the positions follow, next page

Nonviolent Peaceforce hopes the three Advance Team members
will be able to stay on as the permanent project staff, a
commitment of 2-3 years. But please note: Funding for the
permanent project is not yet secured. We are initiating the
hiring process expecting that funding will be secured soon.
We note this in the spirit of full disclosure and
transparent hopefulness.

Please apply by 16 February 2003.

Reply with letter of interest (no more than one-page,
single-spaced) and Curriculum Vita or resume to:
David Grant / / Fax:
(+1)-202-244-6396 /
POB 11309 / Washington DC 20008 / USA
[fax or e-mail preferred]

The mission of the Nonviolent Peaceforce is to build a
trained, international civilian peaceforce committed to
third-party nonviolent intervention. For more information
about the organization see
Sri Lanka Project Position Descriptions

Asian Projects Coordinator: This position is located in
the NP head office and is supervised by the Executive
Director. The Asian Projects Coordinator works under the
guidance of the Sri Lanka Project Coordinator and in
cooperation with members of other Asian region Working


. Maintains productive relationships with NGOs committed to
peace and human rights in Sri Lanka, international
organizations and entities, governments, interested parties
and potential donors.
. Participates in all NP Working Groups in Asia (currently
Tibet and Burma).
. Supports all aspects of the NP project in Sri Lanka;
ensures lead-staff concerns are addressed at NP
. Helps monitor progress in fulfilling the program goals
and benchmarks.
. Facilitates two-way communication between SL lead staff
and NP leadership.
. Visits field sites annually or as necessary.
. Maintains quality and readiness of ERN usage and all
field team documentation activities.
. Ensures visibility of SL project for the world community
by using NP public relations and media resources and
organizational networks.
. Assists in recruitment for the project as necessary.
. Assists fund-raising efforts.
. Report regularly to NP leadership.


. BA or higher degree in relevant field
. Minimum 3 years experience in international projects in
. Commitment to nonviolence, along with knowledge and
experience of nonviolent action, including Third Party
Nonviolent Intervention
. Strong oral and written communication skills
. Some fundraising experience
. Experience and ability in establishing cooperative
relationships with policy leaders in government and the
private and non-profit sectors
. Extensive cross-cultural experience, South Asian
experience preferred
. Ability to work with teams
. Commitment to non-partisanship in Sri Lankan context
. Competence with internet and basic computer applications
. English language fluency required, at least one Asian
language desired

Sri Lanka Project Director: This position is located in
Sri Lanka and supervises all Nonviolent Peaceforce
employees in country. The Executive Director supervises
the SL Project Director.


. Manages and supervises staff of the Sri Lanka project
office and decides authoritatively on all questions about
project activities and personnel
. Works with NP headquarters staff and all local partners
to evaluate operations; facilitates and assists periodic
assessments of the project
. Conducts outreach to and maintains good working
relationships with NGOs, governments, parties to the
conflict, international entities working in Sri Lanka and
other interested parties
. Solicits perspectives and advice from partner
organizations and incorporates them into operations in the
field and also into analytic reports and updates to NP main
. Monitors and reports regularly on human rights in Sri
. Assesses risk factors and triggers use of ERN as
. Supports NP fundraising efforts for SL project
. Provides direction and support to field teams, visiting
sites quarterly
. Ensures compliance with MoUs between NP and other


. MA degree in relevant field or equivalent experiential
. Minimum 7 years experience in international projects, at
least 3 in a management position; experience in
establishing projects preferred
. Commitment to, and knowledge and experience of,
nonviolent action, including Third Party Nonviolent
. Strong management and supervisory skills demonstrated by
at least 3 years experience
. Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural communication
. Demonstrated good judgment
. Competence with internet and new information and
communication technologies
. Demonstrated ability to cope with the unexpected and work
under stress
. Demonstrated leadership ability along with teamwork
. Experience and ability in establishing cooperative
relationships with policy leaders in government and the
private and non-profit sectors
. Extensive cross-cultural experience in Asia; Sri Lankan
experience sought
. Commitment to non-partisanship in Sri Lankan context
. English language fluency required; Sinhala and/or Tamil
fluency desired

Team Manager: This position is located in Sri Lanka and is
supervised by the Sri Lanka Project Director.


. Monitors the work of field teams to assess their morale,
well being and compliance with the code of conduct and
project goals, providing supervision and guidance as needed
and visiting team units as frequently as possible.
. Assists in resolution of conflicts within or between team
. Plans and facilitates meetings of team units for
team-building, in-service development of skills and
knowledge and to review and evaluate the project from team
. Monitors Sri Lankan networks and media reports for
developments affecting NP field operations.
. Collects in a timely manner and carefully reviews
documents and reports submitted by field teams; prepares
releases to press and NP networks quickly as dictated by
developments in Sri Lanka.
. Assists the SL Project Coordinator in preparing reports
and updates on the human rights situation in Sri Lanka.
. Provides a healthy interface between the teams and the
communities in which they live and work.
. Advises and assists the Project Coordinator in all
matters involving the teams, and press and public


. BA degree or higher in relevant field
. Minimum five-year experience in peacekeeping or related
work, including some supervisory experience
. Experience in working with teams, consensual
decision-making and with resolving of inter-personal
. Excellent interpersonal skills
. Demonstrated ability in team leadership
. Understanding of the effects of stress and trauma on
. Commitment to and knowledge of nonviolent action,
especially nonviolent intervention. Nonviolent
intervention experience sought.
. Excellent written and oral communication skills
. Demonstrated cross-cultural sensitivity and communication
. Competence in use of computers and the internet.
. Understanding of and commitment to nonpartisanship in the
Sri Lankan context
. Sri Lankan experience preferred.

Project Administrator: This position is located in Sri
Lanka and is supervised by the SL Project Director.

. Maintains good relationships with landlords of NP Sri
Lanka office and staff residences; ensures compliance with
lease terms
. Maintains in good order all office and residential
furnishings, supplies and equipment and field team
. Ensures accurate inventory and storage (when necessary)
of all equipment and consumable supplies
. Maintains productive relationships with Sri Lankan
government offices involved in visa issuance and customs
clearance to facilitate same
. Maintains productive relationships with local vendors of
needed goods and services such as office supplies and
furnishings, Internet access, telecommunications, equipment
maintenance and repair, etc.
. Maintains personnel procedures in compliance with local
law and custom as well as with ILO standards
. Maintain all in-country NP bank accounts in good order
. Ensure accurate bookkeeping and regular reporting to NP
headquarters of all account activity
. Manages petty cash account, approving expenditures of up
to 400 Euros on own authority
. Ensures accurate, prompt payment of all receipts
including equipment purchases and rentals, salaries, rents
and occasional expenses
. Monitors foreign exchange rates and reports significant
changes in the Rupee-Euro/USD rates to NP headquarters
. Works with the Project Director and local partners to
assure adequate facilities and supplies for all project
activities and personnel
. Assists Project Coordinator as needed

. BA or higher degree in administration or related field,
or comparable practical experience plus professional
. Minimum two years experience in administration of
international projects, preferably peacekeeping,
peacebuilding or human rights
. Experience in establishing new offices/projects
. Commitment to and experience of nonviolent action,
including third party nonviolent intervention
. Strong cross-cultural management and communication skills
. Strong interpersonal skills
. Familiarity with computers and the internet, especially
financial and property control software
. Knowledge and experience of standard bookkeeping and
financial control practices
. Demonstrated ability to work in a team
. English language fluency required, Sinhala and Tamil
language skills preferred.


David Grant / Nonviolent Peaceforce / POB 11309 / Washington DC 20008 / USA / (+1) 202-244-0951 / fax: -6396 /
Out of office: 7; 18-21 February; 28 Feb-7 March
„A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.“ – M.K. Gandhi


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