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Dokumentation der Antikriegsbewegung in USA

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  • „Direkte Demokratie“ durch organisierte Telefonlawine
  • Schauts euch aber die Zeitungsinserat-Kampan an!
    Finde den Ansatz nur in Lokalblättern zu schalten,
    aber vor allem
  • die Spenden-Sammel-Seite scheint nachahmenswert.Hundreds of Thousands March, and What’s Next„Dear MoveOn member,

    Our Virtual March has been an enormous success — by some
    estimates, the Senate and White House received over a million
    phone calls, faxes, and emails today. Offices on Capitol Hill
    were busy with the sounds of ringing phones and conversations
    about the war. And media outlets from the Washington Post to
    the BBC covered this broad and unprecedented action.

    A comment we received from a MoveOn member in Connecticut is

    „I called Lieberman’s office, and made my statement, and then
    I said to the man who answered the phone, ‚this must be nuts
    for you today‘ and he said, ‚My day will be hell, but it is so
    much better than apathy. This is what democracy is all about.
    I think it is terrific.‘

    I asked him if he thought it might change the Senator’s
    position, and he said he wasn’t authorized to speak on that,
    but that they were overwhelmed with the number of people
    speaking out from Connecticut.“

    Members of the House of Representatives (who were not
    targeted) took notice: Representative Anna Eshoo from
    California even took the time sent us all a letter thanking us
    for marching. You can read it at:

    For everyone in the 32 organizations that make up the Win
    Without War coalition, thanks for joining in something huge.


    Our next big push will be to highlight opposition to war in
    small towns across America — neighbors talking to neighbors.
    We’d like to run local ads in over 100 communities all over
    the country. Can you help? Check out the ad and help us
    run it near you by going to:

    Here’s why we’ve taken this approach: A recent New York Times
    poll revealed that 42% of Americans believe that Saddam
    Hussein was behind what happened September 11th. It’s a
    shockingly high number, given that even the Bush
    Administration has never asserted a connection. The false
    linkage of Saddam Hussein and 9/11 or al Qaeda is at the base
    of why many people support this war, even though they’re
    worried about its consequences.

    Our advertising campaign will counter this message in over 100
    small cities and towns, and explain in the words of America’s
    top military and policy experts why war on Iraq is a bad idea.
    As a person who grew up in a small town, I can testify that
    for many folks, an ad in the local paper is much more powerful
    than an ad in the New York Times. With your help, we can get
    over a hundred of these ads running by mid-next week.

    We’ll need to finalize our buy by this Friday, so anything you
    can give TODAY would be appreciated. You can take look at the
    ad and where it’s running, and contribute securely online at:

    It’s rare to see local ads on national issues like this, and
    even rarer to see them run in coordination across the country.
    At least two ads will be running in every state.

    Your gift now can make it happen.

    These local ads are a exciting part of our grassroots PR
    campaign, which just keeps building. We’ve now posted posters
    in the tens of thousands and handed out an enormous number of
    flyers at over 1,000 locations in the US. Billboards and bus
    ads are running in major cities. And of course the Virtual
    March has been immensely successful.

    Help to keep the momentum going by supporting local ads today.
    In small cities and towns across America, we can make the case
    for tough inspections, not war.

    –Carrie, Eli, Joan, Peter, Wes, and Zack
    The MoveOn Team
    February 27th, 2003

    P.S. Here are a few of the great articles written about the
    Virtual March. Enjoy.

    by Juliet Eilperin

    Thousands of antiwar protesters flooded Senate phone lines
    today as part of a „Virtual March“ on Washington.

    The phone-in campaign was sponsored by the „Win Without War“
    coalition, which told Web site readers they could „join a
    massive march on Washington without leaving your living room.“

    — — — —


    Thousands of anti-war activists have been bombarding the
    White House and senators with phone calls and e-mails in a
    virtual protest over the Iraq crisis. Backed by a number
    of celebrities, volunteers jammed switchboards in
    Washington DC in an effort to force US politicians to
    think again over the prospect of war in the Gulf.

    — — — —

    by John Tierney

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 26


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