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Betreff:     [E-rundbrief] Info 535 – Cities Are Not Targets project
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E-Rundbrief – Info 535 – Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation/ Mayors for Peace:

Cities Are Not Targets (CANT) project Petition Drive.

Please tell the nuclear powers that Cities Are Not Targets!

Bad Ischl, 27.4.2007

Begegnungszentrum für aktive Gewaltlosigkeit


Cities Are Not Targets (CANT) project Petition Drive

Please tell the nuclear powers that Cities Are Not Targets!

Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation

Mayors for Peace calls cities together to build a nuclear-weapon-free world.

Since our experience of the atomic bombing 62 years ago, Hiroshima has continually called for the abolition of nuclear weapons and realization of lasting world peace.  Despite our efforts, many areas around the world remain trapped in chains of hatred, violence and retaliation, our planet still bristles with vast arsenals of nuclear weapons, and the probability that such weapons will be used is increasing.

In response to this crisis, Mayors for Peace, an NGO over which we preside that now has 1,578 member cities in 120 countries and regions, is conducting an emergency campaign to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2020 globally.  This is our 2020 Vision Campaign.

The year 2006 was the 10th anniversary of the International Court of Justice advisory opinion that,


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