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Global Peace and Conflict Service

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We offer you TFF’s global peace and conflict service – a leading opinion-former
Over 20.000 recipients, free, diverse and not too frequent.

I Norden: Du kommer nu att få TFF-meddelanden.

TFF 22 years old in 2008

Welcome to The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, TFF
Välkommen till Transnationella Stiftelsen för Freds- och Framtidsforskning, TFF

You may have subscribed yourself or been selected for this offer. We
believe that you take a special interest in international
conflict-management and creative thinking about peace, security,
development and reconciliation.

TFF does research on and field work in the Balkans, Iraq, Georgia,
Burundi and Greenland. We focus on UN affairs, nonviolence, terrorism’s
root causes, U.S. foreign policy and EU affairs. And on the role of the
Nordic countries in world affairs.

TFF is a think-tank for research, education and debate. We’re
independent of government and business, people-financed and
all-volunteer. We’re a diverse network of almost 100 distinguished
experts worldwide of all religions and many walks of life. TFF is a
website – actually one of the most comprehensive on the net – critical
of mainstream thinking but giving priority to constructive ideas and
policy options – pro-peace and not only anti-violence.

This global peace affairs service is free-of-charge and wings into your
mailbox – about one message every 5th day in average. No attachments,
no adds, no pictures – except the rose to welcome you this time. Only
clean, to-the-point informative mails.

Try it. It’s pleasantly different from similar services – people have told us over 20 years.
It consists of these types:

Short messages, helpful suggestions, news, alerts, what you won’t find in the mainstream…

Alert you to easy-to-click new materials on our site and other news about TFF.

If you want it
You need not do anything: Info, Tips and Browser will come to you automatically BUT

Let TFF mails through your spam filter
If e-mails from TFF end up in your spam/junk e-mail folder please
whitelist them yourself or notify your ISP or spam filtering company
regarding their mistake. Also, if you have a Hotmail, Yahoo or similar
type of account, remember to adjust your settings to ensure that TFF
e-mails do get through to you.

Hvis e-mails fra TFF havner i din spam/junk-boks, så benyt dine
„indstillinger“ til at sikre at de i stedet kommer til din in-boks
eller gør din leverandør opmærksom på fejlen. Hvis du bruger Hotmail,
Yahoo eller lignende, så gør de indstillinger, der sikrer at TFF’s
mails faktisk går igennem til dig.

We are sorry, but just click here:

Tell us about a friend who should receive this too

Look who we are – winging into your mailbox:
An independent scholarly foundation whose mission is PEACE =
learning to handle conflicts with ever less violence against other people, other cultures and Nature.

Yours truly

Jan Oberg & Christina Spannar
Founders of TFF in Sweden


Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
Transnationella Stiftelsen för Freds- och Framtidsforskning
Vegagatan 25
S – 224 57 Lund

Phone +46 46 14 59 09
Fax + 46 46 14 45 12
Public not-for-profit charity
Organisationsnummer 845001-4637

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