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Peace In and With Iraq – A 10-Point Plan

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Datum:     28. Jänner 2008 11:58:30 GMT+01:00
Betreff:     10-Point Plan for Peace In and With Iraq

The TFF Board launched today in Lund, Sweden a new Plan for Peace in Iraq. TFF asks:

Is there a different way to be present in Iraq?

  • One that is helpful, that builds peace and is respectful of the Iraqi people, their needs, dignity and sovereignty?
  • Can we imagine a truly peacebuilding effort – big yes but predominantly civilian and seen as a partner and not a new occupation by the Iraqis?
  • Can we – as a number of governments have – just „withdraw and forget“ Iraq?
  • Do we owe the Iraqi people something after the hurt and harm we have done with the sanctions, the war and the occupation?
  • Could there not be a larger perspective on the Middle East, a more comprehensive peace process?
  • Should we believe that government that created this predictable moral, legal and political fiasco can fix the peace now?
  • Or is there something that can only be achieved through people-to-people activities?
  • Why are there only two other comprehensive peace plan proposals? Why are they totally ignored in the discussions?
  • How long should we accept that mainstream media’s dominating perspective on Iraq is violence?
  • By reporting only violence they install fear and hopelessness and teh amdly wrong idea that peace and democracy come at the heels of military boots.

TFF believes that as long as there is no discussion about alternatives to the occupation, it is likely to continue.

Therefore, this plan is a constructive attempt to promote a global pro-peace and not just anti-war discussion.

It’s point of departure is: What must be done now to help the Iraqi people to live in peace, security and welfare in a decade from now – or sooner?

We believe that the only „surge“ needed is a global coming together with a new perspective of hope and cosntructivism.

Get the plan in pdf format here

discuss it in your circles. Introduce the constructive perspective wherever you go.
Write to your media and tell them that we need new perspectives that permit at least some hope, solidarity and civil society partnership.

This is the 2nd version of TFF’s plan. It is an evolving plan, it will become more comprehensive and better as time goes by. Please, therefore:

Send us your thoughts and additional proposals to

We’ve made a beginning. You can carry it forward…

TFF – for peace with passion

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