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War and Peace Journalism

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What media assumptions and what filters produce the mainstream news and docmentaries you build your world view on?

A world expert, TFF Associate Jake Lynch, co-author of the authoritative textbook in the field, Peace Journalism, offers some insights – you’d maybe like to be acquainted with as a media consumer.

His articles refer to concrete cases such as

  • the Iraq media manipulation,
  • Australia’s media situation and
  • need of an independent foreign policy,
  • Afghanistan,
  • the Philippines and U.S. ’stealth‘ and
  • proxy wars such as Ethiopia in Somalia

„It is eminently possible to be better informed if you choose spend less time with your daily mainstreams and turn to TFF and similar informers … a click away“ that are nearly totally lost in the media…
And there is an info on how you can train yourself in war and peace journalism and conflict studies with

  • Jake Lynch and
  • TFF Associate Annabel McGoldrick.

It’s this July and in London…


… if you want to cut through the built-in and deliberate disinformation


Coalition of the Unwilling

Peace Journalism about Afghanistan

Peace journalism and conflict resolution course in London


Conflict in media I

Coalition of the Unwilling

Part II

Part III – full of insight, media revelations, alternatives ways of seeing things and quite witty at that!

And there is so much new stuff on other issues …click:

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