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22nd June International Day of Hunger Strike against “Star Wars”

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Dear friends,

Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar, after 21 days, suspended their hunger strike on the 2nd June but it continues in relay form in the Czech Republic with the participation of politicians, scientists and artists, etc.

Here is the video message by Jan Tamas:

To give even more force to this great nonviolent protest, we arelaunching a Worldwide 1-Day Hunger Strike on June 22nd proposing to everyone a simple but significant gesture: let’s not eat for one day to oppose Star Wars and say to the world powers:

“Stop feeding the war machine and start feeding the people!”

It’s scandalous that one thousand million dollars are destined to military spending, when with different choices this money could solve the problems

  1. of hunger,
  2. lack of education and
  3. the environment.

In the site:

whoever would like to participate on the 22nd June can send their photo and write a brief comment.

If you’d like to organise something in your city or to subscribe to the campaign and for more information:

In Italy, Giorgio Schultze started a hunger strike on the 1st of June and suspended it on the 13th of June in Brussels where, together with Jan Tamas, he met with Luisa Morgantini – Vice-President of the European Parliament and many other MEPs (members of the European Parliament).

On the 9th of July, there will be a meeting and press conference in Strasbourg with MEPs opposed to the Star Wars project, he will present the signatures gathered by the on-line petition:

A great opportunity to redouble our efforts and reach 200,000 signatures!

Giorgio Schultze and Jan Tamas will participate at the European Humanist Forum “The Strength of Nonviolence” in Milan, Italy on the 17th, 18th and 19th of October where they will be guest-speakers on the Disarmament panel. For more information about the forum see the website: and download

the monthly bulletin here:

The bulletin is available in French, Spanish and Italian also On 22nd June in the USA:

Video about “Star Wars” reduced version of 10 minutes:

20 minute version:

Other information:

Support this campaign by letting your friends know, in your city, among organisations and the media. Only with everyone’s help can we change the future, a future that is today in the hands of a few unscrupulous crazy people.

Tony Robinson


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