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Assessing the Georgian crisis and Horizons of a grand theory of Peace

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Dieser Artikel wurde 3654 mal gelesen und am 28.08.2008 zuletzt geändert. – Lund, Sweden August 27, 2008: Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus der Princeton University, Gast-Professor an der University of California ist einer der führenden Experten für internationales Recht. Er wurde kürzlicher ernannt zum UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine and Other Occupied Territories. Er ist Mitglied der Transnational Foundatian (TFF) seit 1986 und hat über 50 Bücher und hunderte Artikel geschrieben nun schreibt in aktuellen Artikeln

Assessing the Georgian crisis

Towards a necessary utopianism: Democratic global governance

Horizons of a grand theory of peace

„In an effort to remind you who TFF really is, we proudly present…

Richard Falk

Born 1930, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara, one of the world’s leading international law specialists, the newly appointed UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine and Other Occupied Territories. He’s a TFF Associate since 1986 and has written more than 50 books and several hundred articles – a world renowned expert on

  1. human rights,
  2. world order and
  3. global governance…more here

Here follow some recent articles published by TFF:

Richard Falk
Assessing the Georgian crisis

Richard Falk

Towards a necessary utopianism: Democratic global governance

Richard Falk

Horizons of a grand theory of peace

Richard Falk in „Current Concerns“

Palestinians have been betrayed by the international community over the years

The Nation

A conversation with Richard Falk

„It’s important not to view history as a mere creature of geopolitical forces. Popular resistance has altered the course of history. The decolonization movement, the antiapartheid movement, the movements to free the peoples of Eastern Europe from Soviet domination are all examples of struggles that seemed to defy the geopolitical structures that existed.“

BBC „Hard Talk“

Stephen Sackur talks to Professor Richard Falk, the UN Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories , about his suggestion that Israel has „genocidal tendancies“.

Some 70 Richard Falk articles with TFF here

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