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ICT for Global Education, e-Inclusion and Peace

Erstellt am 29.11.2008 von Andreas Hermann Landl
Dieser Artikel wurde mal gelesen und am 30.11.2008 zuletzt geändert. Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) is a new Foundation in Rome. Founded in 2006 it is also engaged in ICT for Peace, e-Inclusion and gobal Education. On the Homepage of Mondo Digitale you can find an explanation for this engagement:

Any real solution will come from dialogue and must take root in the hearts and minds of the people of the two nations. Every action that contributes to this goal is worthwhile trying, knowing that perhaps it is only a drop in the sea. Yet, many drops of concern can become an ocean of change.

First Project on Peace, ICT and e-Inclusion

In 2004, one of these drops of concern became a small educational project promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and the Tapuah Association.

This project took the form of the Holding Hands “electronic journalino” intended to

  1. stimulate dialogue,
  2. sharing of knowledge and experience,
  3. collaborative working and
  4. mutual understanding between teachers and children from schools in Israel, Palestina and Rome.

The content of the online magazine

The magazine dealt with topics connected to

  1. peace, culture, politics, news and
  2. current affairs seen through the eyes of the students.
  3. Other sections were dedicated to music and entertainments, as well as sport and nature.

A simple procedure was devised for the editorship and multi-linguality.The worsening of the situation in Palestine affected the participation of Palestinian schools and the project stopped in mid-2006.

Since Dialogue is the only hope, Holding Hands remains a valid experiment for Peace by means of ICT and e-inclusion.

Background of the Fondation Mondiale Digitale

FMD is a centre on

  • innovation,
  • education,
  • inclusion and
  • fundamental values.

The FMD aims to „promote the development of a cyclical and virtuous dynamic state through these dimensions. The Foundation has launched activities in various areas concerning digital inclusion via various projects that are in different stages of development:

  1. design,
  2. pilot actions,
  3. implementation or
  4. completed projects like

This is the result of a flexible and evolving approach to the creation of resources.


Peace in our time has been a dream of humanity forever. Today the Israeli – Palestinian conflict stands as the longest and most dramatic obstacle to peace in the Middle East.


Holding Hands online journal

Internet et Paix

European e-Inclusion Awards Launched

  1. World Refugee Day – Refugee Week Radio the base of the email European e-Inclusion Awards 2008 The European Commission has just

Report on „interesting initiatives“ to present at the Lisbon event 

  1. Dateiformat: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – HTML-Version document, which is the first deliverable of the “e-Inclusion, be part of it!” campaign, a key …… Refugee Association of the Czech Republic (AUČR) – Ähnliche SeitenNotieren

TakingITGlobal – Projects – E-inclusion Site

[ Diese Seite übersetzen ]

  1. Pусский, Romana, Svenska, Türkçe, العربية, 中文简体. Project: E-inclusion Site ….. INVITATIE PROIECT INTERNATIONA, Iraqi Refugee Solidarity Initi – 261k –

News on ICT for Peace

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Martti Ahtisaari on ICT4Peace
17 days ago at 08:02 by ICT4Peace Foundation
Statement of Martti Ahtisaari, former President of Finland and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2008 delivered at High-level meeting to discuss Interim Report: Stocktaking of UN Crisis Information Manage… continue reading
Launch of GenevaNetwork’s second report: A Time for Action
28 days ago at 03:46 by ICT4Peace Foundation
GenevaNetwork recently launched its second report – A Time for Action. The GenevaNetwork is an informal group of individuals, including ourselves, concerned about the future of International Genev… continue reading
Conference Report of ‚Responsibility to the Future: Business, Peace, Sustainability‘ event released
40 days ago at 07:42 by ICT4Peace Foundation
Strategic Foresight Group released the full conference report of the Responsibility to the Future: Business, Peace, Sustainability event held in Mumbai, India from 26-28 June 2008.Co-hoste… continue reading
Call for papers: Improving ICT use in Crisis Management and Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace) for ISCRAM 2009
48 days ago at 19:51 by ICT4Peace Foundation
Call for papers: Improving ICT use in Crisis Management and Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace) for ISCRAM 2009For more details and instructions on submissions, please click here.Inter-operab… continue reading
ICT4Peace Foundation Board Member Maria Cattaui appointed member of UN Leadership Group on business and human rights
61 days ago at 00:09 by ICT4Peace Foundation
ICT4Peace Foundation Board Member Maria Cattaui was appointed a member of UN Leadership Group on business and human rights.John Ruggie, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Represent… continue reading
ICT4Peace enters into MoU with Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre
80 days ago at 21:53 by ICT4Peace Foundation
The ICT4Peace Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre. The MoU recognises, inter alia, the need to strengthen the role of Afri… continue reading
Information Sharing Models and Interoperability in National, Cross Border and International Crisis Management
95 days ago at 03:50 by ICT4Peace Foundation
Crisis Management Initiative has published a final report of a project aiming to improve the understanding of information sharing models and interoperability in national, cross-border and internat… continue reading
Information and Communication Technology and Peacebuilding: Summary of a Workshop (2008)
116 days ago at 18:03 by ICT4Peace Foundation
Information and Communication Technology and Peacebuilding: Summary of a Workshop, July 2008
Carol Arenberg and Greg Pearson, Editors
15th ASEAN Regional Forum emphasises crisis management and civilian military cooperation
127 days ago at 10:17 by ICT4Peace Foundation
41st AMM
17 – 24 July 2008Shangri-La, SingaporeChairman’s Statement, 15th ASEAN Regional Forum, 24 July 2008, Singapore

1 The Fifteenth Meeting o… continue reading

Roundtable on ICTs for Peace-building and Crisis Management – Report on the discussions
129 days ago at 19:25 by ICT4Peace Foundation
Responsibility to the Future Conference organised by Strategic Foresight Group with ICT4Peace Foundation26-28 June 2008, Mumbai, IndiaRoundtable on ICTs for Peace-building a… continue reading
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