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Peace Evaluation in Irak and Feedbacks

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USIPeace Briefing – Date: December 2008

Evaluating Iraq’s Provincial Reconstruction Teams While Drawdown Looms: A Trip Report

„With a major shift in U.S. Iraq policy ahead, it is a pivotal moment for Iraq’s Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs).
While these civilian-military hybrid entities have contributed to success in Iraq in budgeting for local development projects and broader U.S. civilian-military cooperation, they face a number of administrative and security-related challenges.

USIP Iraq specialists Rusty Barber and Sam Parker recently traveled to Iraq to examine the effectiveness PRTs. This new USIPeace Briefing documents their primary findings, including:

  1. The role of PRTs in local capacity-building
  2. PRTs and counterinsurgency
  3. The role of PRTs in reporting and diplomacy
  4. Challenges related to human resources and mobility
  5. Civilian-Military culture clash
  6. The future of PRTs
  7. Access the report“

About the United States Institute of Peace:

The United States Institute of Peace is an independent, nonpartisan, national institution established and funded by Congress. Its goals are to help prevent and resolve violent conflicts, promote post-conflict stability and development, and increase peacebuilding capacity, tools, and intellectual capital worldwide. The Institute does this by empowering others with knowledge, skills, and resources, as well as by directly engaging in peacebuilding efforts around the globe.

United States Institute of Peace
1200 17th Street NW — Washington, DC 20036
(202) 457-1700 (phone) — (202) 429-6063 (fax)


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