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World Peace March – Activities in Hungary

Erstellt am 16.03.2009 von Andreas Hermann Landl
Dieser Artikel wurde mal gelesen und am 24.05.2009 zuletzt geändert. summary about activities in Hungary: This week-end the hungarian group will organize symbols of nonviolence in 8 points of the country, with an expected participation of more than 4000 people.

The official launching of the March will take place on the Heroes‘ Square in Budapest where we organized the peace symbol for the first time in 2004 and every year since then.

The Hungarian Group has made a spot with 5 quite well-known Hungarian celebrities with a director who also joined the March. Till now there are 2 national channels that will show the spot and there is another channel which is also open for that. There will be an interview with our spokesperson and possibly with one of the celebrities who joined the March in 2 channels. We are trying to have more channels that will show the spot our make an interview with us.

You can see the spot here it’s in Hungarian and it’s very nice:



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