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Peace Hikers Guide to Cornwall – Friedenstourismus Entwicklungsgebiet Cornwall

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Peter Van den Dungen: „As far as I know, there is not (yet?) a peace trail for Cornwall, and I know of hardly any peace memorials there.“ Perhaps you should look at the wonderful Peace Websites that Ted Lollis has compiled:

If you then clicks on the first one, Peace Monuments Worldwide, and in it on the UK country section (‚other England‘), then she can see what is available. Peter only saw one mentioned, namely a Statue of Emily Hobhouse, Parish ChurchSt. IveCornwall (England). But there are many memorials for social activist & Second Boer War relief worker Emily Hobhouse [1860-1926]. She was born on 9 April 1860 and lived until 8 June 1926 was a British welfare campaigner, who is primarily remembered for bringing to the attention of the British public, and working to change, the appalling conditions inside the British concentration camps in South Africa built for Boer women and children during the Second Boer War.

But seeing these colourful websites is a pleasure in its own right; I always enjoy looking at them, and following things up. There is so much here.

You can also check what there is for Austria, or Vienna.

This is a work in progress

Ted (who is a good friend of Peter) is always keen to hear of monuments etc. which are not yet in his collection. I believe I have mentioned his website to you before (but he keeps creating new ones).

A former student of Peace Studies in Bradford has recently created an interesting website

What comes up is a kind of newsletter; the first item refers to an article Peter Van den Dungen wrote on Erasmus, and this is fully available as indicated.


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