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Center for Global Peace Journalism

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The Global Peace Journalism Center is a resource for Park University students (courses, seminars, service and service learning opportunities, research, study abroad, opportunities for publication of articles), Park faculty (publication opportunities, research, travel, international collaboration), high school journalists (seminars, contests), professional journalists worldwide (seminars, resource materials, website, collaboration), and like-minded organizations (collaborative projects/initiatives, research).

The Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University promotes the concepts of peace and peace journalism, including advocating non-violent conflict resolution, through seminars and courses both in the U.S. and abroad, through its website and magazine, and through partnerships with likeminded organizations and individuals.


Peace Journalist Magazine Index

Articles from all Peace Journalist magazines are indexed in this file. Articles are indexed three ways: By Topic/Title; By Author; and By Country/Region.

Peace Journalist Magazine Index GO

Case Studies and Reports


War Coverage in the Media


Video, Audio and Facebook


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