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Virtual Reality Peace Museum

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A Virtual Universe created from History’s greatest Peacemakers lives. Exploring the courage and commitment to humanity, empathy, and compassion that define peacemaking greatness for all, now and forever.

The VR Peace Museum

This Museum is an extension of the Peace Walkway project’s App, which tells the life stories of 250 different global peacemakers and the major incidents of their heroic efforts and devotion to world peace.



  • Anti-slavery,
  • anti-Human trafficking,
  • Nonviolent resistance,
  • women’s rights,
  • peace marches and movements throughout the ages,
  • pacifism,
  • trials of those who sought to stop the madness of hate and war,
  • and much more.

vroomafricaallThe Virtual reality stories allow any age group to walk into these major events in human history and experience what those who marched, who sang, who cared for the sickest and neediest amongst us, and who today continues these efforts.

Epic in ambition and scale the project also addresses the planet’s species loss, and global warming, as two forces that are this and next generations peacemaking efforts. What does it take to say “No” to that which has turned away and harms us or others?” What kind of courage, bravery and putting your own life on the line does it take to meet our worst bias’ and hatreds and look them squarely in the eye and say, “No more”.
The Virtual Reality for peace project” utilizes technology, in the same way, informing people worldwide, that it’s sister project the Peace Walkway does. The VR effort gives us the “real world experience” from a world peace maker’s point of view. A global living peace museum online of epic stories of our common shared humanity.


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