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Education for Climate Literate Society

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By now, we all know the inconvenient truth about climate change:

it’s here, and its impact is huge.

But many of us know there is little use in dwelling on the past, or even the present. It’s tomorrow that should interest us.

A tomorrow with sustainable communities, which will not make the same mistake twice.

It’s up to all of us to build that new sustainable society. So it’s mandatory that we start by

  • making people aware of how their actions impact the Earth.
  • We must fully understand what our footprint really is.
  • Only then we can start doing things differently and create a Climate Literate Society.

In short, we believe that the society would benefit if people:

  • understand how our climate works
  • know how to distinguish fact from fiction
  • talk about climate in a meaningful way
  • make informed and responsible decisions

Climate Literacy’s online platform features a Mobile Application, incorporating a very exciting Online Game with fun quizzes. You can download the Application on your Android phone or tablet by clicking here. Alternatively, you can find and complete the quizzes below.





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