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Managing the risks posed by climate change – a role for the UN

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A new SIPRI Searchlight film takes an in depth look at what key stakeholders think about the idea of an institutional home for climate change at the United Nations.

Overall – the film finds – stakeholders do not want to create parallel institutions at the UN, but they are supportive of a coordinating mechanism which will: facilitate speedy analysis of climate related security risks; support better coordination of different actors within and connected to the UN system. And, ultimately, a UN security council which is fit to deal with the complex, overlapping security risks of our time.


Read more about SIPRI’s work on climate change and risk here:

Speakers (In order of appearance):

Dr Amiera Sawas Researcher, Climate Change and Risk Programme, SIPRI Sherwin Toyne Stephenson Programme Manager, Crime and Security, CARICOM

Aliou Dia Africa Regional Team Leader, Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction and Energy, UNDP

Inger Buxton Deputy Head, Global Agenda Department, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Hamsatu Alhaji Nashe Allamin Founder, Voices of the Voiceless People and peacebuilder,

Nigeria Rana El Hajj Programme Manager, Climate Change and Environment, American University of Beirut

Dr Ken Conca Professor of International Relations, American University HE

Marriët Schuurman Head Task Force United Nations Security Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Tomoaki Ishigaki Director, Climate Change Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

Dr Malin Mobjörk Director, Climate Change and Risk Programme,

SIPRI Filming took place at the Planetary Security Conference in The Hague, 12–13 December 2017, and the film was made possible by the support of the Planetary Security Initiative.

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