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Football Players Are Crossing Arms Against Slavery

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Non-Violence on Soccer Field. Paul Pogba, … crosses both arms at the wrist and held them aloft in a gesture after goals. This has confused some fans. Since then, eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that other players have been making the same gesture after scoring. Karl Kinsella on

It turns out, the „celebration“ is actually a protest against slavery in Libya, where slave auctions have reportedly been taking place. The gesture of crossing the arms at the wrist is meant to represent the shackles worn by slaves.

Many migrants have travelled to Libya in an attempt to reach Europe, but there have been widespread reports of migrants being sold as slaves. It is estimated that there is somewhere between 700,000 and a million migrants in Libya currently.


Pogba has been joined in the protest by other big names such as a Villarreal striker Cedric Bakambu and West Ham’s Cheikou Kouyaté.


Fuck slavery.



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