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Appeal for Global Climate Strike and Active Non-Cooperation with Climate Destroyers in Politics,Business, and the Military

Erstellt am 10.09.2023 von Andreas Hermann Landl
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Dear climate strikers and fellow activists from around the world, September 15 we stand here in Vienna an all over the world and all not just as part of a movement, but as peaceful warriors for climate protection. We have achieved much, but we should not stand still. Now is the time to go beyond the strike, to hold those responsible for climate destruction in the realms of business, politics, and the military not only accountable. We should take their misused power in our hands and legs and take the necessary giant strides for climate transition und climate peace by disarmament. We are big, we are organised worldwide. We have plans and we will realise it step by step.

The climate crisis is real, and it is growing more urgent by the day. We witness the devastating consequences: raging wildfires, rising temperatures, melting glaciers, and the threat to wildlife and plant species. This crisis demands more than words and symbolism – it requires resolute actions.

It is time to declare organized, active non-cooperation against those who continue to profit at the expense of our planet. Those who profit in the business world by exploiting our resources and polluting the environment. Those who make political decisions that serve corporate interests instead of safeguarding the well-being of people and the planet. Those who, in the military, sow unnecessary conflicts and squander resources on wars instead of environmental protection.

We call upon the world to distance itself from the climate destroyers. This means no longer cooperating with them or benefiting from their actions. It means boycotting their products, challenging their policies, and questioning the military machinery. It means raising our voices and divesting our funds.

We have the power to bring about change. Our consumer choices can influence corporations. Our voices can hold politicians accountable. Our solidarity can prevent conflicts and channel resources toward peace and environmental protection.

The global climate strike was just the beginning. Now is the time to amplify our movement, spread our message, and isolate those who jeopardize our planet. We will not stay silent; we will not relent, and we will not give up until change is achieved.

Let us stand together, fight together, and refuse to cooperate with those driving climate change. Let us create a world where the protection of our planet and peace take precedence. Our future depends on it, and together, we will shape it.

Together, we are strong. Together, we will prevail. It is time to take responsibility and change the world. We are the voice of change, and that voice will never be silenced.



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