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WILPF for De-Escalation of Violence in Palestine and Israel

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In this statement, WILPF expresses its deep sadness at the ongoing and escalating loss of life in Palestine and Israel, which take place in the context of ongoing Israeli

  • occupation,
  • war crimes, and
  • impunity.

It denounces all attacks against civilians by all parties. Indiscriminate attacks on civilians are a crime under international law and cannot be justified. WILPF emphasises the absolute necessity to prevent further atrocities and loss of life. And it reiterates that a durable and fair peace will only be achieved by eliminating the root causes of violence and oppression.

Full Statement (English)
Full Statement (Arabic)

Further Reading on Palestine and Israel

The Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling, a Palestinian organization, has issued an urgent humanitarian appeal: Unless the international community intervenes, the death toll will increase dramatically in the coming hours.

All UN Security Council members should:



  • Support the UN’s call for Israel to immediately rescind its order for civilians in northern Gaza to relocate south
  • Use all available diplomatic channels to stop the military incursion into Gaza, and call on all parties for an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire
  • Call on Secretary-General Guterres to visit the region and urgently facilitate a diplomatic solution to the conflict
  • Call on all parties to uphold international human rights and humanitarian law
  • Call on all parties to stop all attacks on civilians, civilian objects and infrastructure
  • Demand that Israel lift the blockade of Gaza, and ensure safe, unhindered humanitarian access tor the provision of life-saving relief assistance
  • Demand that the rights of diverse Palestinian women, marginalized

A fundamental pillar of the WPS agenda is prevention of conflict. Ahead of the October 13th Security Council meeting on the Middle East crisis, our coalition, the NGO Working Group on WPS, urged the UNSC to fulfill its responsibility to maintain peace and security, and take decisive action to avert further loss of life.

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