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Handbook of Intercultural Training

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Third Edition
Dan Landis
Janet Bennett
Milton Bennett

University of Hawaii at Hilo
Intercultural Communication Institute

Sage Publications, Inc

ISBN: 9780761923329

This handbook is one of the best in this field. It deals with

  1. the question of how people can best live and
  2. work with others who come from very different cultural backgrounds.

Handbook of Intercultural Training provides an overview of current trends and issues in the field of intercultural training.

Contributors represent

  1. a wide range of disciplines (including psychology, interpersonal communication, human resource management, international management, anthropology, social work, and education).
  2. Twenty-four chapters, all new to this edition, cover an array of topics including training for specific contexts, instrumentation and methods, and training design.

Third Edition

Authored by:Daniel LandisJanet M. Bennett

Milton J. Bennett

Intercultural Communication Institute


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