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Growing food for nine billion in Peace

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Wealth, Hunger and Peace: „Nothing in the history of mankind has threatened the world as much as overpopulation.

  • Our peace,
  • economic stability and
  • ultimately our survival depends on our willingness to face this problem.

The present report encompasses solutions in all fields since overpopulation touches every aspect of our planet’s lives. The know-how to solve these problems is already available. It is up to someone like you to share this knowledge so there is hope for all.“ (1997 Lifewatch Group Ltd.)

„FAO at work 2009-2010: Growing food for nine billion“

The report analyses

  • the challenges humanity faces as it tries to increase food production
  • without destroying the environment,
  • reviews FAO’s emergency work, worth over US$1 billion, and
  • highlights key achievements during the time period.


Full text (pdf, 20 pages);

See Population Graph.


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