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Metta World Peace

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Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest officially changed his name to Metta World Peace.

ESPN reports that Artest/World Peace was not present at a brief hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court. His lawyer, Nahla Rajan, made his new name legal.“ [Rajan] walked up, the judge said,

‚We understand he wants to change his name and he wants to do so for personal reasons,‘

and it was granted,

“ World Peace’s publicist, Courtney Barnes, told ESPN. “

That was it. It was that quick.

„World Peace’s 8-year-old daughter, Diamond, now plans to change her own last name to World Peace.Earlier in September, World Peace explained the meaning of his new name to ESPN.“Metta is going to be the first name and it means like friendship, love and kindness,“

he said.

„World Peace is going to be the last name, so everybody can get ready to buy their World Peace jerseys.

„According to The Los Angeles Times, Metta is a Buddhist term, and Barnes told the paper it took World Peace

„years of research and soul-searching to find a first name that was both personally meaningful and inspirational.“

In August, Artest’s quest to become World Peace was delayed due to an outstanding parking ticket.

In the NBA, World Peace has been known for his defense. He was named Defensive Player of the Year for the 2003-2004 season.

In November 2004, he was involved in an infamous brawl between fans and players in a game against the Detroit Pistons.


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